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FIG, Financial & Indutrial Group ltd

Finacial service

Our target customers are business people of different nationalities with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Their enterprising and strong-willed attitude make them ready for the challenge, so they demand an excellent service.

In order to satisfy their needs, we develop a common strategy and work together to implement and perform it.
Our customers face many different obstacles, but we can help to overcome them.
Our main goal is providing our clients with customized services respecting their privacy in this matter.

Our professional relationship is founded on principles of high esteem and respect.

Our work is set on high quality standards and observes the national and international laws.

Metal scrap

We are a Leader Company on the issue of the recycle and destruction field of metallic and not metallic residues. We present in many countries of the world; this company is operating with higher, modern and advanced technology and technological capability.

In the last years the higher production of the industrial cycles has created environmental problems. The consume of the resources and the production of metallic residues has created the necessity of the protection of the environment and of our planet. The assemblage of the metallic residues is allowing that the used materials to have new use in work cycles permitting the saving of natural resources and the reduction of the environmental damages during the production.

We offering services and solutions on the recycle of metallic residues, making the requalification of those materials due the recycling and the transformation on the environmental respect.

Our company is part of one other most important realities of the recycling of the metallic residues, an a vanguard company on the civilian, industrial, military, hydroelectric, naval, railway and air demolitions. Thanks of the advanced technology and the higher capability of his own collaborators, Metal Scrap Group is offering high qualitative services for the market necessity.

We are ideal partners of every company with our efficiency services in higher quality who allow us to offer assistance and to solve all requests on the respect of civilian and penal legislation on the issues of the recycling of metallic residues.

Our company  is in possess of all necessary ecological permissions on the development of the assembling, transport and treatment metallic and other industrial residues. Metal Scrap Group is controlling all metallic residues on the moment of acceptance of those materials, because of the possible radioactivity and is analyzing their own chemical composition.